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Educational Philosophy

We are like a big family. Teachers and students working together as brothers and sisters.

On this well-planned and inviting campus there is a close relationship between teachers and students. This relationship is nurturing a new generation of students who are healthy in mind and body and who are virtuous and intellectual. All of Hsiuping's students are being inspired to be open-minded and optimistic world citizens.

Hsiuping University values humanities and the mastering of skills.

Humanities respect and value human culture and civilization. The spirit of humanities is being incorporated in advanced technology with the goal of giving humanity a vision for the future. Hsiuping's graduates are technically talented and intellectually humanistic.

University Motto

Sincerity, Integrity, Excellence, and Innovation

It is our goal to encourage cooperation between our institution and industry. By working closely with local companies and government agencies, we are able to equip our students for the future.

Hsiuping is continuing to expand its cooperative programs with industry and government by furthering its goals of acquiring new information, understanding future trends and building strong relationships with talented specialists. These expanding resources are assuring that Hsiuping's graduates are highly skilled and competitive.