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1965Founder Mr. Tang-Pan (a.k.a. Mr. Hsiuping) Lin established Shu-Teh Junior College of Home Economics.

1966Students officially recruited. Mr. Pao-Shu Lin was the first President of Shu-Teh Junior College.

1970The Ministry of Education (MOE) officially authorized the institution to be renamed Shu-Teh Junior College of Technology.

1983Two-year program for evening education was established to recruit students from businesses.

1990Two-year junior college day school was established.

1994Departments related to business and commerce were established. The institution was renamed Shu-Teh Junior College of Technology and Commerce.

1997The Affiliated Junior College was established for weekend education.

1999The Department of Business Administration was established.

2000The Department of Applied Foreign Languages was established. The MOE officially recognized the institution as Hsiuping Institute of Technology.

2001Hsiuping moved to Dali City, Taichung County.

2002The Department of Finance and Risk Management and the Department of Information Networking Technology were established.

2004The Department of Management Science, the Department of Information Communication, and the Department of Applied Chinese were established.

2005The Department of Electronic Engineering, the Department of Marketing and Distribution Management, and the Department of Applied Japanese were established.

2006The Graduate Institute of Electrical Engineering, and the Graduate Institute of Precision Machinery and the Manufacturing Technology were established.

2008The Graduate Institute of Lean Production Management was established.

2011The MOE officially recognized the Institute as Hsiuping University of Science and Technology.

2012The Department of Tourism and Recreation Management was established.

2013The Graduate Institute of Human Resource Development was established.